The charms of Balboa Bay in the Orange County

On the last day of our trip we stayed in Newport in the Orange County.  After a lazy morning we started late by having lunch at the Balboa Bay Club member’s restaurant which overlooks a heated swimming pool and Balboa Bay. Food was great and healthy. The kids menu included a hot dog with chips- the best chips we had all trip in fact!

After lunch the boys had a play on the beach while we enjoyed the view – rowing boats, cruising boats, canoes and some impressive yachts drifting through by the bay. It was warm and buzzing and reminded us of the River Thames in summer; they are so lucky to enjoy the warmer temperatures all year round over there!

We explored the children’s playrooms – They had a playroom geared towards the older kids with bean bags, flats screens and games consoles (the children could request controllers at Reception). They also had another playroom for smaller children with dozens of board games, books, puzzles and DVDs.

We then spent the rest of the day exploring Balboa Bay. It has a small town feel with pristine wooden houses and quirky-yet-trendy shops. We took the tiny ferry across to Balboa Island where the boys played in the arcade, winning some toys. We bought sweets in one of many vintage candy stores and strolled up the pier.

Finally, we watched a beautiful sunset and waved good bye to the Pacific Ocean before heading back to the airport.

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