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Exploring Angkor temples with kids – Parents survival guide for Siem Reap

Siem Reap was one of the highlights during our trip. We followed the lightweight guide to Angkor shared by Never Ending Voyage. Their post “A Lightweight’s Guide to the Temples of Angkor” was invaluable. It is a must read and we followed most of it, however, whilst travelling to Siem Reap with kids you soon learn Continue reading Exploring Angkor temples with kids – Parents survival guide for Siem Reap

Angkor Wat Adventures

Many of the temples around Angkor have not been fully restored and often have trees growing out of them at bewildering angles. Nature and man-made structures are competing to see who will stand the longest. So far it’s been 800 years and I think the trees are winning…

If you have seen Tomb Raider some of it was filmed in Ta Prohm, one of these “jungle temples”. It was the perfect adventure playground for Dylan too. Torch in hand, he ran and climbed rocks and trees exploring the dark halls and narrow passageways.

After Ta Prohm we continued to the Angkor Thom complex and visited Bayon, the main temple here. The South gate entrance was stunning and the temple is full of detail.

We hired a tuk tuk to get around for the day and soon discovered that this is the only vehicle Jonas doesn’t constantly ball in. We might have to get one in England


Siem Reap first impressions

Coming to Siem Reap has exceeded all expectations and beyond. You need to see it, smell it, listen to it. The town has a buzzing vibe with loads going on but in a dozy kind of way.

We briefly visited the Landmine Museum today. It tells the history of landmines through the story of its founder- a former child soldier. Just reading the passage below is a reminder of the misery of a civil war where neighbours,friends and families have to take sides (if they even get a choice).

We will hopefully see the sunrise over Angkor Wat