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Happy times during our trip

Happy 2015!

We had a great time celebrating the New Year in Las Vegas. Just returned from our trip where we managed to  drive from LA to the Grand Canyon and back.

The days went by so quickly as it happens when you are in company of all the family..

Will write all about it but for now her is a video of our best moments.




Between the Miles


Omaha Beach
Sunset at Omaha Beach, New Zealand

This is Dylan and his cousin Gemma. They are only a few months apart in age but are separated by 11,000 miles. They met for only the second time when we visited New Zealand in May.

Watching the children enjoy the waves wash them away at sunset is one of the most cherished memories of our trip to Omaha Beach. This video captures their time together:

The song playing in the video is from the band AsWeFall. It reminds me of the sea, the ocean and the miles of water that separates me from family and old friends. Listen to the full version.

The most frightening fiesta in Spain that you shouldn’t miss

Nestled in the Mallorcan mountains is the town of Sóller, home of the Church of St Bartholomew; the patron saint of the town which this week enjoys a emphatic celebration featuring theatre, live music, dancing – and a lot of fireworks! On the Patron saints day, the last night, the town enters the apocalyptic finale; Esclatabutzes – a festival of fire that will have you and your family running for your lives. You are chased by demons riding bikes with fireworks exploding from then and dragons breathing fire – all whilst being rained by showers of sparks from the sky! It is quite a spectacle and you shouldn’t miss it if you get a chance. See our movie for some of the highlights from this year.

The highlights of our trip

After 3 1/2 months away and 7 countries visited we are safely back in sunny London. We compressed our trip in this video. Very grateful to have such good fortune, health and weather along the way. Big thank you to all family and friends who followed us along the journey, those who hosted us (The Rutters, The Allans), friends that joined us and to those who led the way before us, inspired us to make this dream come true. This would not have been possible without the tips and tricks of Almost Fearless, Never Ending Voyage, Till The Money Runs Out, With 2 Kids In Tow, It’s Backpacking We Go.