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A day in Shanghai

After a turbulent flight to Shanghai we arrived as the sun set and the neon lights were coming on. Took the fastest train in the world – the Maglev – reaching speeds of 430 kph (250 mph) so 8 minutes we were in the city. Taxi was another story as they had no clue where we were trying to go. You say “Hyatt?” they look at you, say “Hi?”, complain and drive off. After about 15 failed attempts of being understood I stopped some girls and had a few attempts at pronouncing the street name. It’s all about the intonations. First time they went “ahhh yes that is about an hour away” – Hmm I knew we were close so had a second go of pronouncing the same word and this time “yes that is 15min away”. Result! We finally got a taxi to take us to the right place.

Next day our heads were spinning from so many crazy and different things happening. So much to do and very little time so we just walked around a where a decent sidewalk would take us. Have to say the sidewalks were pretty good for prams so walked miles.

Headed to the Bund – the main tourist strip with great views of Shanghai’s iconic city skyline. Shame about the smog. It really is so bad that most pictures end up completely overexposed. A guy asked me to take a pic for him and it was just white background. He wasn’t happy. Many tourists preferred taking pictures of Jonas and Dylan again.


We then went to old street and passed a few random places as we couldn’t really make ourselves understood – best part ever watching daily life unfold, people eating and spitting – oh how they spit, cough, snort, spit again etc.

Many weird, wonderful and cheap things but we were too overwhelmed. We only bought a purple lizard you put in water and grows. Not the latest invention but its what Dylan wanted and cost around 10p.

Fortunately we will be back in China in a few days. I am sure Japan is even crazier.