Solitude: To Halls Gap and back

Sunrise in Halls Gap
Sunrise in Halls Gap

After our first week in Australia we left Melbourne and ventured into other parts of Victoria.

One of the places we visited was Halls Gaps which is adjacent to the Grampians National Park.

From dawn, the kangaroos fill the fields quietly grazing away. With no other tourists around we took the opportunity to watch the sunrise and enjoy a moment of solitude among  them.


Siem Reap first impressions

Coming to Siem Reap has exceeded all expectations and beyond. You need to see it, smell it, listen to it. The town has a buzzing vibe with loads going on but in a dozy kind of way.

We briefly visited the Landmine Museum today. It tells the history of landmines through the story of its founder- a former child soldier. Just reading the passage below is a reminder of the misery of a civil war where neighbours,friends and families have to take sides (if they even get a choice).

We will hopefully see the sunrise over Angkor Wat